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M2 Exclusive Design
is a professional interior design firm over 9 years’ experience, offering complete professional interior design and decoration services for all categories of interiors such as residential apartment and house, office, retails, club house, and etc.

We are committed to provide the most appropriate design and satisfactory service to each customer. In order to achieve the requirements at the most cost-effective price, our professional team is constantly learning to broaden our vision and improve our skills.

Through in-depth understanding of the requirements and expectations of different customers, we will continue to improve the quality of our existing services with innovative thinking to achieve higher quality and enhance existing efficiency. In order to develop an ideal space with high quality, we do our best to improve our service with innovative ideas and excellent quality by understanding different customers’ need and expectation.

Our Philosophy

  1. Beyond customers’ expectation

Professional project management is the key element in handling different projects. By cooperating with different parties, we require professional project management system to achieve a high standard outcome. Through deeply understanding and communication between teams, our projects often beyond customers’ expectation.


  1. Safety, durability and appearance

We conduct in-depth research on materials from all over the world, including their durability, structure, color, specifications and environmental protection. In addition, we balance the safety, durability and appearance under the entire project based on the characteristics of the materials and the needs of different projects.


  1. The Trending Vision

In the era of globalization, new technologies have been continuously improved the quality of materials and their application, and also greatly changed different industries. In addition to our experience, our professional team is constantly learning to broaden our vision and improve our skills in order to provide each customer with the most cost-effective design.

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